"Shifting boundaries - cartography in the 19th and 20th centuries".

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(Download front pages)

Christopher Board (DOWNLOAD)
The style sheet for the War Office series GSGS 1764, Cape Colony Reconnaissance Series.
Lindsay Frederick Braun (DOWNLOAD)
The Colonial Archive and Maps of the Transkei, 1857-1898.
Emanuela Casti and Federica Burnini (DOWNLOAD)
The Colonial Archive and Maps of the Transkei, 1857-1898.

Andrew David
The emergence of the Admiralty Chart in the Nineteenth Century.

Imre Josef Demhardt (DOWNLOAD)
Mapping the Greater Germany: Paul Langhans, political cartography and the Perthes‘national’
atlases of the 1890’s.

Kathrin Fritsch and Isabel Voigt (DOWNLOAD)
“Local knowledge is wonderfully good, but…” - African Knowledge in European Maps.

Maria Gussarsson-Wijk (DOWNLOAD)
Before and after the splitting-up of Sweden-Finland: 19th century Military Maps of Finland in the
Swedish Military Archives.

Koji Hasegawa (DOWNLOAD)
Constructing the Empire: Cartography in prewar Japan.

Rachell Hewitt (DOWNLOAD)
“The Spirit of Observation”: The Early Ordnance Survey and the British Culture of Patriotism.

Alexander J Kent (DOWNLOAD)
A methodology to classify and visualise stylistic evolution in topographic maps.

Jiri Krejci (DOWNLOAD)
Jüttner’s map of Prague of 1816 – research, cartometric analysis and visualization.

Elri Liebenberg (DOWNLOAD)
Shifting boundaries in Southern Africa: John Arrowsmith’s map of the Cape of Good Hope of

Jana Moser (DOWNLOAD)
Border Contrasts – Border Conflicts: Examples from Northern Namibia.

Michael Nolan (DOWNLOAD)
The British military mapping of Hong Kong and the cruise of H.M.S. Pegasus.

Alastair Pearson and Mike Heffernan (DOWNLOAD)
Pan-Regional Mapping: The contribution of the International Map of the World and the AGS
Map of Hispanic America to Global mapping in the Twentieth century.

Gordon Richings (DOWNLOAD)
Charles Cornwallis Michell (1793-1851). Pioneer Cape military cartographer.

Mirela Slukan Altic (DOWNLOAD)
The Croatian explorer Dragutin Lerman (1863-1918), and his contribution to the mapping of Central

Zsolt Torok (DOWNLOAD)
The ‘English’ patient, fools, foxes and rats: exploration, mapping and war in the Lybian desert.

Nnabugwu O. Uluocha (DOWNLOAD)
The Cartographic Legacy of Colonial Administration in Nigeria.

Adrian James Webb
Who ran the British Admiralty’s Hydrographic Office between 1808 and 1829?