"Old Worlds - New Worlds:

History of Colonial Cartography from 1750 to 1950"


The international symposium of the (now disbanded) ICA Working Group on the History of Colonial Cartography in the 19th and early 20th centuries took place at Utrecht University in the Netherlands on 21-23 August 2006.  The symposium was open to all cartographers, geographers, historians, map collectors, academics and lay persons interested in the history of overseas cartography from the mid-18th to the mid-20th centuries and was attended by approximately 30 delegates.   The Programme comprised of the following:

An interesting and constructive discussion instigated by Dr Andrew Cook of the British Library took place as regards the function and future credibility of the WG.  It was decided that future international  meetings will also have a workshop component where aspects such as the sources and methods used in reasearching colonial cartography could be discussed.



The following papers were presented by Members of the WG during the International Symposium of the WG held at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, from 21-23 August 2006.  The papers were also published on a CD (ISBN 0-620-36764-4).



Click on the author's name to read the paper (PDF files).

Christopher Board
The British War Office 1:250,000 mapping of Cape Colony 1906-1914 (10 pp.)

Lowie Brink
The cartographic representation of the Netherlands East and West Indies on Dutch school wall maps (16 pp.)

Paul van den Brink
“Please provide us with accurate maps!”: The acquisition policies of the Royal Netherlands Geographical Society (5 pp.)

Peter Collier
The Colonial Survey Committee and the Mapping of Africa (14 pp.)

Imre Josef Demhardt
Hopes, Hazards and a Haggle: Perthes’ Ten Sheet “Karte von Inner-Afrika” (16 pp.)

Dov Gavish
Barrel in the Courtyard of the Survey of Israel (6 pp.)

Peter van der Krogt
The Werbata-Jonckheer maps: The first topographic maps of the Netherlands Antilles, 1911-1915 (19 pp.)

Elri Liebenberg
Providing a tolerably correct map of South Africa”: the cartography of Henry Hall (27 pp.)

Rose Mitchell
From Roanoke to Aden: Colonial Maps in the National Archives of the United Kingdom (17 pp.)

Jana Moser
Mapping the Namib Desert II: Sperrgebietskarte 1913 (6 pp.)

Ferjan Ormeling
School atlases for a colonial society: The Van Gelder/Lekkerkerker school atlases for the Netherlands East Indies 1880-1952 (10 pp.)

Mirela Slukan Altic
Janko Mikic - Croatian cartographer in the service of Henry Morton Stanley (10 pp.)

J R Smith
The backbone of colonial mapping in Eastern Africa (11 pp.)

H J Steward
Francis Barrallier: A life in context (7 pp.)




Photos taken during the Symposium by Peter van der Krogt can be seen on and downloaded  from